Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Dash of Dash a Day: June 13

One of the outright strangest things that have come from the baby's existence is seeing how far things have come technologically with baby monitors. All I knew of monitors were the radio-type ones, but someone got us what I consider an uber-fancy monitor that has a camera, and I'm absurdly amazed by this 20 year old technology.

Seriously, look at this thing: the room Dash is in is dark, yet we can see him clearly. I can use this as a radio to talk to him, we can make it play music from far away, we can control the pan and scan of the camera, etc. It's pretty impressive! I expected the monitor to be the type where, if he makes a sound, I'll have to run to wherever to find him and make sure he's not being attacked by rabid otters. Instead, I can watch the otters devour him in real time!

I feel silly for thinking this is so cool, but, well, it's so cool. Considering I'm basically the only person who never had a reliable webcam with his computer growing up, that might be part of it, since this is just such a crazy leap for me, but hey.